Meredith Jay
(Quebec, Canada)

Meredith Jay is a multimedia artist from Quebec, Canada. After obtaining her BFA in Montréal she moved to Mexico City where she established her independent practice. Currently located in Toronto she continues to paint, draw, film and sculpt, applying the subtleties of her experiences into production. Her work investigates the amnesiac behaviour of our collective memory.

Meredith Jay es una artista multimedia de Quebec, Canada. Despues de obtener su licenciatura en bellas artes en Montréal, vivio en Mexico donde se desarolló como artista independiente. Actualmente reside en Toronto, Ontario donde continua produciendo su obra, explorando escultura, pintura, y fotografia, aplicando los sutiles matices de su experiencia como ser humano. Su trabajo se enfoca en la amnesia selectiva que sufre nuestra humanidad .

There is a light that shines

The burning of a fire is in itself a concentrical force: it draws people together to share, eat and to forge materials. This idea of connection will play an important theme in the body of work I will produce. During my stay I will be hanging with the youth of Carrillo Puerto to facilitate a 3 day workshop. As well as creating my own body of work, I will be sharing and building an installation with the youth to exhibit at the end of the residency.

Community is an integral facet of my artistic development, the exchange of ideas is an incredible inspiration. From having worked as an arts director for children and adults with developmental disabilities, to painting a mural in East Hastings, Vancouver, or working as an arts mentor in Northern Alberta; travel and interconnectivity has continually been a means to push me outside of my comfort zone and to fill my mind with beautiful colours and heartwarming human interactions.